Cheap, Fast, & Good You Can Only Choose Two

Cheap, Fast, and Good Who doesn't want to get it CHEAP, FAST, and GOOD? Just remember that there are always trade offs for each choice. Good & Cheap won't be fast. Fast & Good won't be cheap. Cheap & Fast won't be good. The bottom line here is that going with the cheapest price

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Top 3 Factors to Rank Higher on Google Local Search

Do These 3 Tasks Well and Your Website Will Rank Higher in Google Local Search Results I often get asked “What do I need to do to rank higher on Google for local search results?” Over time, I have found that there are 3 top factors. Number one, have an optimized Google My Business

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SBA Assistance for Salons and Spas During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Financial Assistance for Salon and Spas During the COVID-19 Outbreak The current situation is very fluid and I wrote this article on April 5, 2020 regarding existing loan programs that are on the SBA website.  If you read this article later, the SBA assistance offers may have changed. Special note, funding for the loan

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Business Shut Down Due to Coronavirus Outbreak?

Has The Coronavirus Affected Your Business? Has your business been temporarily shut down due to the Coronavirus outbreak? Use this downtime productively! We can help your website rank higher, improve your online reputation, or design a mobile friendly/SEO website if you don’t have one. Contact us to schedule a free consultation! Get your business setup

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SEO for Hair Salons and Spas

Is your Website attracting enough clients?  SEO for Hair Salons and Spas can help. If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for help to get more clients into your salon business, right?  Are you struggling to grow your clientele? Have you tried asking your clients to refer their friends and still

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