Is your Website attracting enough clients?  SEO for Hair Salons and Spas can help.

If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for help to get more clients into your salon business, right?  Are you struggling to grow your clientele? Have you tried asking your clients to refer their friends and still have half-full books? Or are you a salon owner who is paying stylists to sit in the back because you have a lot of cancellations or no-shows? Stop pulling your hair out!

We have good news for you. You are in the right place to get help.

We have deep expertise in SEO for hair salons and spas. What this means is that we help salons get more clients online.  Our salon/stylist customers are happier because they can focus on doing what they love—hair, skin, nails, etcetera and we get their phone to ring with new clients.

Over the years, we have been helping our salons track where clients come from to measure marketing effectiveness. The best sources are client referrals, search engine results, and Yelp reviews. Out of those three, improving search engine results are where you can have the most direct impact to getting new clients and that is where we can help.

How we work with salon/stylist/spa clients: We know you are super busy.  If you already have a website but are not getting the results (number of new clients) that you desire, your website might not be appearing on the first two pages in the search engine results.  We can help your website rank higher to get you more calls.

Don’t have a Website?

The other way we can help is if you do not have a website, we will build a dynamic, mobile phone friendly website that will also show up high in the search engine results and attract the kinds of clients that you want to have in your chairs.  If you are not a writer, we can create all of the text for you, secure photos, and design a website that you will love!

Online Advertising

Not ready for a website?  We can create and manage advertisements on Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram to get your phone ringing.  What is amazing about online advertising is that you can be very targeted in your approach which allows you to get a huge bang for your buck with even a small budget.  Plus, these ads are perfect for salons and stylists because they can be set up to be only shown to people within a specified range of your salon.  

Reputation Management

A question we often receive is “Can you remove bad reviews from the internet?” Unfortunately, in most cases, that is not possible and any company that promises that service is not being honest with you. So, the best way to deal with a less than positive review is by responding to the review in a professional manner and improving any processes in your business that may have contributed to that negative review. 

Online reviews are now second only to personal recommendation as the deciding factor for selecting a business to visit. So now, it is more important than ever to have a way to be alerted of the reviews for your hair salon or spa.   

The other benefit to improving your online reputation is that according to a 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors study by Moz,  Review Signals (Review quantity, review velocity, review diversity, etc.) make up 15.44% of the factors affecting rankings. What this means is that generally, Google ranks businesses that have more positive reviews and (those that are actively reviewed on a continual basis) higher in the search engine results.

We offer and manage a tool for our clients that enables them to easily know when their business has been reviewed on the most popular review sites.  Plus, with this tool, you will be able to see all of the reviews for your salon or spa and be able to respond to reviews. This is especially important for hair salons and spas. Check out our Reputation Management page for details.

We can help you get more Clients!

It doesn’t matter if you are a single booth renter or the owner of a 5 location salon, we have a variety of packages to meet your needs. We can build your website, improve your search engine rankings, set up your social media accounts, and help you with your logo and branding.

So, don’t wait.  Act now to start a conversation with us to learn how we can help you increase your income and career satisfaction by bringing you more clients from online marketing.

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