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Should I Have A Google My Business Profile For My Hair Salon or Spa?

Yes, you should have a Google My Business for your hair salon or spa.

Not only because it is FREE—your business will have both greater visibility and potential reach across Google.

Let’s start from ground zero. 

What is a Google My Business page (GMB for short)? 

Think of GMB as a miniaturized version of a website that contains essential information about your business that Google displays to viewers across its network.  When a visitor types in your business name on Google and your business has a GMB account, it will pop up to the right side of the screen on a desktop in the search results.

Important Info About Your Business

Visitors to your GMB page can get directions to your salon, see your operating hours, check out your service price menu, see photos, posts, and call to make an appointment. 

Having a GMB profile creates a level of trust because in order to create a page, there is a required authentication process where Google verifies that your business is legitimate.

Google Adwords for Hair Salons and Spas

Google Adwords

In case your website is new or does not show up on page one or two of Google, you may want to consider using Google Adwords to get visitors to your website.  Google makes it easy to manage your ads from your GMB page.  Interested in Adwords but not sure how to go about getting started? Contact us, we can manage it for you.

Consider using Google Adwords to attract visitors if your website is new or does not show up on page one or two of Google.  Curious about Adwords but not sure how to go about getting started and do not have time to add something else to learn to your plate? Contact us, we can manage it for you.


Similar to Yelp, GMB offers the ability for visitors to leave reviews of your business and for you to respond.


Makes it possible to enable messaging so that visitors can contact you to request information on your services, pricing, etcetera.    

Online Booking

GMB integrates with many of the popular online booking applications, so you have the option to accept appointments as well.

Update Regularly

Update your GMB page by adding photos and posts on a continuing basis so that Google recognizes that your business is active. 

No Technical Maintenance Required

Unlike a traditional website, there is no periodic maintenance required to ensure that your content is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.  Google handles that for you!

Tip for Salons and Spas with Older Websites

Here is a tip for salons or spas that have older websites. The major search engines prefer websites that are mobile-friendly, so if your website is not mobile-friendly, this may adversely affect your rankings.  If you do not have the financial resources to invest in updating your website right now, a reasonable Band-Aid that will not cost you anything is to create a GMB page.

In summary, creating a GMB page is as essential as having a phone number and will help attract new clients to your salon or spa. 

Be sure to check out GMB Management for a deeper examination of this valuable tool.  

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