We are thrilled to announce that we are now a Yelp Advertising Partner! With resources & support available to us exclusively through this partnership, we can optimize your presence on Yelp and manage search advertising campaigns on your behalf, no matter what type of business you’re in.
Why Yelp Matters: According to Nielsen, consumers rank Yelp as the #1 review site for finding
nearby local businesses just like yours.

Advertising on Yelp gets you in front of consumers…
● …at scale. There are 100MM unique visitors to Yelp each month.
● …who are ready to buy. 79% of users make a purchase within a week of visiting Yelp.
Almost half do within a day.
● …who are undecided on who to buy from. 90% of searches on Yelp are unbranded,
across all categories.

We’re excited to help you leverage the positive impact of Yelp. Interested in Yelp Ads? Contact us to get started!
Sources: comScore, July 2019 | Yelp Internal Data, 2019 | Nielsen, 2016